Flight 447 Victims Found Naked, Most Likely That Plane Broke Up Before Impact

According to an Air France probe (here), it turns out that many of the Air France Flight 447 victims have been found in the Atlantic Ocean with little or no clothing. The theory is that the wind likely caused the removal of their clothes. Combined with the fact that victims’ bodies have been found 53 miles apart, it’s becoming pretty obvious that the Airbus A330-200 plane broke up before hitting the water. Furthermore, nearly all of the victims’ bodies had multiple fractures, and none of them had water in their lungs. That pretty much rules out drowning. Based on the fact that none of the bodies have burn marks on them, a fire or an explosion was most likely not the cause of the crash.

Update (7-2-2009):

  • French: Air France Flight 447 fell intact into sea (Yahoo News)