Final Destination Experience For Passenger Who Missed Air France Flight 447

Holy crap. According to this article, a woman who was supposed to be on Air France Flight AF 447 — but missed the flight — was killed today in a car wreck in Austria:

An Italian woman has been killed in a car crash only days after she narrowly avoided being a victim of the Air France plane crash. Johanna Ganthaler missed the Air France flight which crashed into the Atlantic. Johanna Ganthaler and her husband Kurt were on holiday in Brazil and were supposed to take Air France flight 447 back to Paris. But they missed the doomed flight and decided to take a different flight home to Europe instead.

Mrs. Ganthaler and her husband were traveling in Kufstein, Austria when their car veered across a lane and swerved into an oncoming truck. Mr. Ganthaler survived the car wreck, but Johanna lost her life in the wreck.

The other day I saw a movie trailer for the next Final Destination movie. I think I’ll be skipping that movie. I do not enjoy it when life imitates art.