Air France Flight 447 Theories: Weather-Related or Conspiracy?

Yesterday, I posted a few of the theories of the crash of Air France Flight AF 447. While everything seems to be pointing to a weather factors, the truth is that we still don’t know. We may never know. Here are some interesting news articles with more on Flight 447:

While AF 447 conspiracy theories abound, it is much more reasonable that violent turbulence and lightning caused multiple system failures on Air France Flight 447. I mean, seriously. It had to be weather related factors that caused the crash. The article describing the final 14 minutes gives me the chills. Those people must have been terrified. Good bless them and their families.

One more thing: Why doesn’t the American military send out a nuclear sub to help find the black box. Nuclear subs are equipped with the most sensitive, sophisticated detection systems. It’s like radar on a fighter plane, but in acoustic form. They use these detection systems to locate/track the sound signatures of other submarines. Why can’t they use these systems to find a black box? In all likelihood, the black box from Flight 447 has been crushed and destroyed by water pressure. I read somewhere that water pressure in depths of 15,000-20,000 feet is close to 16,000 lbs per square inch. That would crush pretty much anything. But I’m going to keep a positive outlook. I really hope they find the black box.

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  1. OK, i know it sounds like a conspiracy but i have been hearing about this more and more. They tested the laser weapon that is airborne just a few days before on a flying aircraft to see the effect and the target barely had any debris left after it got exploded over the water. (There is no debris pf Flight 447! Kind of weird that they cannot detect anything in the water if it was a fire or electrical malfunction…) It could have been an accident covered up since the airborne laser currently does not have a reflective surface that would mediate the damage of the beam. Did anybody else here about this?

    It might be just some weird thing but it would not be the first time something happened in South America and got covered up…

  2. At first I was not suspicious. Now I am. Especially the fact they found “a ticket”. A ticket?? How convenient. Reminds me of 9/11 and how they found conveniently a slightly charred passport of one of the “highjackers.” Like that could even be possible after the plane was incinerated. This whole thing is being too controlled. Something isn’t right. They will delay finding more things until the 30 days run out on the black box signals. Then we will never know.

  3. No one has yet said much about ‘grief counsellor’, Guillaume de whatsit’s. His was the first name I searched. Mind control programs are inflicted upon the family of survivors PRONTO. He happens to be a ‘victim’ of Libyan terrorism, and just a few weeks ago was speaking at a Law Conference. Insurance has not investigated (it looms large in a 9/11 event!) But this event has nothing to do with terrorism, we’re told. Why is he there?

    Finding two bodies, a brief case and a backpack at this late stage does not mean much unless they’re found WITH A PLANE. This is too easy a plant unless lots more stuff comes along.

    If this event was not simply a tragic accident, the most obvious reasons for deliberately downing a plane are murder and ‘meaningful message’. Which passenger/s was/were ‘got rid of’? The steel people? Possibly.

    Is someone, like Barak Obama, standing in the way of something (like funding airborne laser technology), and needing a bit of a nudge in the right direction, proving a point with lethal force, without chance of detection or recrimination? No one would believe that people in positions of power would behave badly – like shoot down a plane with or without the passengers inside. They always have our best interests at heart. We, the little people, just can’t see the big picture.

    Would be strange if the passengers were never on board the flight and had been whisked off to, the Colorado coal mines…… (but that IS pure speculation).

  4. There is something very sinster about this. It is one thing if it really was the Bermuda Triangle that claimed Air France…but no remains have ever been found in previous incidents. Equally mystifying, those in charge of the “search” are discovering more and more of the flight day by day. Also, they are supposedly sending divers to into the watery triangle to see what happened. If the Bermuda Triangle sinks ships and plains, then wouldn’t it sink divers? I was also equally perplexed by the fact that a few of the passangers were found washed up on the shore someplace stripped of their clothes but with no signs of burns or scars. The plain supposedly was split in twain. This all seems a little peculiar to me. Perhaps it is a conspiracy. Then again…there have been too many records of Bermuda Triangle Incidents to ignore. The Loch Ness Monster trend launched thousands of searches all of which revealed much more about that Loch then meets the eye. Perhaps this recent crash will probe furthur investigation that will reveal the truth about the Bermuda Triangle. Yet if all the stories about that expanse of ocean are true, at least some of them, then I doubt very much that a lot will be accomplished. This could be another spooky, bone-chilling conspiracy as all the events surrounding it are rather mystifying. But maybe…just maybe, the goverment used the triangle for their own depraved reasons and obviously murderous intent. It could be that the Bermuda Traingle does really exist as the stories about it say and goverments suddenly get the nerve to assasinate someone or try out one of their queer experiments. If so, the Bermuda Triangle would be a good place to do that. There are many tales about it, both wild and factual. I do not say it is so that there is some demonic energy force that is the cause of all the peculiar dissapearances that are connected or associated with it. I am just saying it is a very probable possibility. I like the conspiracy part though-very intriguing! Goverments around the world have been found to dabble in conspiracies from time to time, this would not be the first. All in all, the loss of 200 lives is a mini-Holocaust. Let us hope that this never happens again. But like the 9/11 and Pentagon attacks, odd things pop up time and time again. While this would not be the first of such instances, it better be the last. Whatever the reason, we should be open to all sides of the coin. After all, our minds are like parachutes: They only work when open!

  5. The behaviour of the Brazilian air force who said they found a wreckage then had to withdraw the statement next day points to a bigger story as to how this plane went down or disappeared. Something is not right and people instinctively know it.

  6. The accident was very strange because the first theories centered on ” lighting and/or very bad weather” that were subsequently turned down because other airplanes flew into the same air space with no major turbulence issues, then everybody stated that there was no chance for a bomb (A very important statement, since any suspicion about a bomb would collapse the air travel industry again such as the after 9/11 strage). Then some clues appeared pointing to the pitot tube, but this is not a main cause for that debacle. But mews approached that the software system od the Airbus planes has been giving a lot of trouble, a few airbus airplans performed sudden loss of control and frightening dives, one flight in particular had a such incident with several injuries on board ( I think was about last october ). But FRANCE will deny any info about any problem with the airbus planes because this would be a major economic collapse in the present world crisis. The rescue work was divided by Brazil and France. Brazilians would rescue the victims, while french will search for the plane pieces, debris and black boxes, so their work was very slow because they wouldn’t like to recover these boxes that maybe would discover something very bad for the airbus reputation and, while they always stasted that the plane went down into pieces, they finally informen that the plane plunged into the water intact (nosedown first, then they changed mind informing that the plane pancaqued in the water. But the brazilians could rescue 51 victims and the autopsies demonstrated that they fell high from the sky, with suffocation due to no oxigen at those heights, and they were naked and dismembered due to have fallen at a great speed. Two completely contradictory and antagonic statements. Then nothing more…

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