Michael Jackson’s Death: Conspiracy or Cardiac Arrest?

Okay. You know me. I’ll cover a conspiracy theory. Whenever someone as famous as Michael Jackson dies, you can bet your most prized possession that there will be a Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theory. And I’ll be here to find and post as many as I can!

Michael Jackson died today at the age of 50. He had been living just off the Sunset Strip for the past several months in a $100,000 per month rental house. For weeks he has been rehearsing for his 50-show comeback tour in London’s O2 arena. There was a lot of money tied up in those shows. I’ve seen a few people say that Michael’s death is somehow related to money, but I bet that the sponsor (AEG Live) of his 50-show comeback tour will argue that theory because there is a massive financial headache and potential fallout from Michael’s untimely death.

Here is a link to a last picture of Michael Jackson: ET Online

Now, here are some of the ‘Michael Jackson died from’ theories and conspiracy theories circulating around the world right now:

  • Did painkiller addiction and pressure of making a comeback kill Michael Jackson? (dailymail.co.uk)
  • Collapsed after an injection of Demerol (thesun.co.uk)
  • Michael Jackson is dead…Now how long until it becomes a conspiracy? (abovetopsecret.com)
  • Michael Jackson’s death brings conspiracy theory back into spotlight (jacksonnjonline.com)
  • Michael Jackson faked his own death (colbertnation.com)
  • MJ killed by new experimental bio weapon (topix.com)
  • Was Michael Jackson murdered? (selectsmart.com)
  • Tito did it? (wikipedia.org) [some jerk always has to make stupid edits to Wiki after tragedies]
  • Faked his death to pay off debt and make money (denverpost.com)
  • They come in 3’s: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson (penny-arcade.com)

I, for one, believe Michael Jackson has died. I believe he is dead. TMZ, who broke the news of Michael Jackson’s death earlier today, is reporting that MJ’s autopsy has been expidited. It will take place tomorrow. Hopefully we will all find out the exact cause of his death, so everyone out there can have some closure. However, I’m sure that no matter what the coroner says, conspiracy theories will abound. People will claim that Michael Jackson killed himself, was murdered, faked his death, etc… That’s just the nature of humans these days. When anything happens, we have to create a conspiracy theory. But who knows? Maybe they are right – because it’s also true that nothing is what it seems these days.

Regardless, this was definitely a tragedy. No question about it. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael’s family and friends. May the King of Pop rest in peace.

18 Replies to “Michael Jackson’s Death: Conspiracy or Cardiac Arrest?”

  1. Kerry, I freely admit to secretly enjoying conspiracy theories. As with most sudden, surprising news, these theories are an excellent opportunity to exercise creativity in searching for alternative explanations, rather than following Occom’s Razor. Everyone loves a good what-if. This event will prove to be no different.
    I for one, do conceded that the timing seems to be too opportune – the O2 shows, his massive debt, waning popularity, the list goes on… – which is why these theories will be so popular.
    I look at it as straight-to-the-point: he’ll make more money dead than alive, plain and simple, following Elvis’ lead.

  2. I believe Michael Jacksonson was Murdered. I believe he was given vecuronium or succinylcholine which causes paralysis of every muscle except the eyes, you watch whats happening, very common drugs used in every hospital and very hard to trace. Once he was given the paralysis drugs it was just a matter of injecting him at different times with large dosages of morphine and demerol to make it look like he was abusing, When was the last time anyone saw or talked with Michael, I would say Michael had been dead in his home for at least an hour before the 911 call was even made, which of course both drugs surpress breathing and causes cardiac arrest.

    oh no, you do the math

  4. one thing’s for sure, recent events have been a reminder of how fragile our existences on earth really are

  5. Damn, this sounds very likely 50 Cent Doll!

    The man was performing for hours on 6/25/2009! Now, 24 hours later he is dead! No, something isn’t right. Billions of dollars are going to be made off him. Billions were going to be made off him again if was still alive- however he would have gotten a cut. CNN reported 10:00am he collapsed why 2 hours later the hospital was called? Dr. Conrad didn’t know what he was doing? My a**. The 911 dispatcher had to tell Dr. Conrad (with his evil looking eyes) why is MJ on the bed, he should be on the floor if being resuscitated by CPR. The EMT people were like MJ is dead and cold, why fake the funk and go through the regiment? Why because they were told to. Sick

  6. Michael Jackson’s death was definitely assisted suicide. Michael Jackson knew that he wasn’t up to the comeback tour.

    He knew that if he had gone through with it he would have been always remembered as the star who was charged with molestation, who was well past his best, or worse.

    Suicide, assisted by his doctor, resulting in his death gave him a degree of pardon for his past and he will be remembered as a genius. And it means his children will become rich from his royalties and they will not have to live with the stigma that would have always been attached to them.

    The doctor’s claims about trying and wanting to revive him was well rehearsed.

    A not surprising end to his life..!

  7. Michael Jackson is not dead.Here are the reasons: Didn’t want to follow thru with the concert. His doctor was no where to be found for 2 days. When his body was removed from the helicopter there was nothing in the body bag. He was given a clean bill of health for his insurance. He owes over 400 million to debtors. The suspicious 911 call mentions a 50 year old male is unresponsive, but didn’t mention his name. Was about get hit with another child molestation suit, and would go to prison this time. One of the paramedics on the scene said something fishy was going on at MJ’s house. Another paramedic said the man on the floor was not MJ. He is also producing more money dead than him being alive, which would help him pay off debt. Now his family wants a second autopsy done. Could it be because they didn’t get the answers that they were looking for? All I’m saying is MJ is alive and well.

  8. I find it strange that Michael’s recent conversion to Islam does not get any attention at all. Also he did record a few islamic songs that are down on all the major video sites (youtube, dailymotion) This cries of conspriacy in the same vein as John Lennon, Bob Marley, Princess Diana. All were involved in political commentary, all were very outspoken about injustice and in Diana and Jackson’s case both were on the cusp of making it very public that they were practising muslims and Diana was pregnant with a muslim baby. The fact the doctor was preforming CPR wrong, the fact that homicide detectives were investigating jackson’s home, the fact a secret autopsy has been ordered and the list goes on and on… I think we are in for a real crazy one here.

  9. Bo Selecta, your theory is thoughtful and well-written. It’s a possibility.


    MJ was murdered with a fatal shot of Demerol by the doctor, in cahoots with the family. They realized he is worth more dead than alive now.

  10. I’ve read thru the theories above… I want to know has anyone unrelated in any way to mj actually seen the body, independent eye witness etc?

  11. Something is not adding up here. According to MJ’s brother Marlin, at a family reunion in May MJ was in a wheel chair and was so sick he couldn’t speak. His Brother also said he was frail and dehydrated and lost a lot of weight. With someone in that bad of health and taking Demerol and whatever else. There’s no way he’s going to be dancing around rehearsing on stage 2 nights before. Notice when you watch the video, there are no close ups of him. Look at his weight! The pictures don’t even look like him. That is not MJ rehearsing! Impersonator.

  12. MJ has left the building and is at the bar with MM, EP, HB, and JD enjoying a Manhattan. Cheers MJ enjoy.

  13. My Conspiracy Theory Is That Quite Possibly He Wanted To Show The World That The Simple Statement “You Dont Know What You Have Till Its Gone”
    He Was Probably Tired Of All The Lies And Wanted To Fake His Death.

    1) To Make A Big Comeback Since It Was His Last Concert Ever, He Wanted To Pull Off Something Huge. And More Than Likely If That’s True, Then More Than Likely A Whole Butt Load Of People Are Behind It.
    2) He Wanted The So Called Victims To Come Forward And Tell The Truth That He Never Molested Any Of Those Children. It Could Be Both.

    If He Is Dead RIP. If He Isnt Then I Still Love Him No Matter What.

  14. M.J’s death is a fake if ever i’ve seen one. and i believe most of his family are not in on it though select friends definitely are. we all know theirs enough reasons to back up most conspiracies but the fact that oe of his best friend’s (liz taylor) made no appearance, stating that she didn’t wanna be part of the circus. also entrusting diana ross with his kids? bizarre to say the least although if your gonna fake it how best a way to maintain contact with your kids but through you mother and best friend. if i was gonna prove it was a fake i’d be putting tabs on the top L.A. plastic surgeons simply because the one thing he’d need would definitely be a change of appearance which is not difficult for such a wealthy man to obtain as we’ve already seen with him. he managed to turn himself from a very handsome african american man into a white diana ross (who incidentally i believe to have been the egg donor for his youngest child, the resemblance is un-canny). anything’s possible with that amount of money. there’s nothing that cant be bought in america, presidencies, children, death, justice. everything in th usa is for sale so where better to fake your death than the most fake state in the whole of the U.S.? i’m in no way being nasty to the usa its a wonderful country with wonderful people but everything has a price.

    i hope am right cos he was a legend and he brought enough joy to my life that i’d like to think he was kickin back with a cool drink and enjoying some anonymity for a change, if not then rip the king of pop

  15. The real cause of MJ’s death is his conversion to Islam since he converted to Islam he suffered allegations and claims of child molestations, Although none of those blames had reality, that’s so clear after he was dead , his body was carried for autopsy . before the forensic’s result the president Obama announced that MJ’s Death wasn’t a conspiracy how is this possible how can we judge before the result. his death will always remain a secret just like the death of others ( MM, JFK, P Diana ) etc….

  16. i think michael was murdered…..reading your article the aeg says that michael is fitted for the concert but they don`t show formal papers that will testify that michael is in good shape…my research on the cause of death of michael is contradict of what they are saying…. like a man with a height of 5`11″ should have at least 150-160 lbs. but the last data i got michael have only 120 lbs.. so he is underweight ……….so he is not fitted for the show…………even if i did not had the chance to see michael personally by the data i got i can determine if it is true………..

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